Factors That Affect Your Fuel Storage Equipment

Clean fuel is necessary for optimal engine performance. That’s why it’s crucial your fuel transfer and storage are handled carefully to prevent contamination. There are many factors that can affect your fuel storage equipment, some of which can lead to costly damage like blocked filters, corrosion, and microbial growth.  To properly store your fuel, you need to…
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Gaubert Oil Hosts Oil Analysis Training

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Last month, Gaubert Oil hosted a two-day class on oil analysis in preparation for the STLE OMA-1 Certification exam. Local maintenance and reliability professionals from companies such as DOW Chemical, Cornerstone Chemical, Energy XXI, LSR, Westlake Chemical, BP, Chevron, Axis Compressor, and Oil Filtration Systems were in attendance. Michael Holloway of ALS Tribology was the instructor of the course and shared his experience and expert knowledge on the subject of lubrication and oil analysis with the group.

Following the course, several of the class participants opted to sit for the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) OMA-1 Certification Exam. The exam covered topics such as oil sampling, application/testing methods, data interpretation, troubleshooting, and lubrication fundamentals.

Gaubert Oil Company is proud to announce that the following employees have earned their OMA-1 Certification:

  • Louis Leblanc
  • David Moon
  • Randy Breaud
  • Gregory Gaubert
  • Terry Boucherau
  • Nic Schaff

With the addition of these certificate holders, Gaubert Oil now has more OMA-1 Certified personnel than any other organization in the state of Louisiana. Congratulations gentlemen.

Is Wet Hosing a Good Idea for Your Fleet?

Companies that utilize large fleets of trucks for their daily operations acknowledge the importance of having an efficient fuel management program. The main purpose of this program is to optimize driver schedules through fast and seamless fueling systems. That said, wet hosing is a fueling process that businesses are using as opposed to off-site fueling, simply…
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What Can ISOCLEAN® Industrial Lubricants Do For You?

It goes without saying that a lubricant’s condition is critical to extending the life of your machinery. There are several factors that reduce the health and lifespan of lubricants, including poor handling and storage, exposure to extreme temperatures, and water contamination. “Some of our customers have equipment working in an environment that is heavily contaminated,” said…
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