A new Chevron Industrial website launched this week! The website was designed and built to accomplish certain key strategic objectives:

  • It provides deep self-educating content to usher customers along their buying journey.
  • Easy navigation allows visitors to quickly find product information by category or industry, as well as detailed information about programs such as ISOCLEAN® and LubeWatch®. Visitors can also find Delo® branded products in appropriate industry sections such as mining, construction and agriculture.
  • Industry schematics for Power Generation, Gas Compression and Processing, and Plastics Products Manufacturing give a quick visual reference of product offerings for specific equipment. Plus, products for all industries can be viewed by tiered offering.
  • Page content is linked to a vast library of support assets to enrich our customers’ knowledge. This library, with its own continually updated section of the site, includes powerful testimonials, proof-of-performance videos, white papers, infographics and much more.

You’ll also notice a new wordmark, Industrial Performance Group, that serves to unite Chevron Lubricants’ industrial offering of expertise, products and programs. With the launch of the new Industrial website, and because wherever possible we strive to integrate ISOCLEAN into Industrial content, there are a few notable changes for ISOCLEAN content:

  • The stand-alone ISOCLEAN landing page for English U.S. and Canada (certifiedlubricants.com) will be decommissioned because the most current content is contained within the new site.
  • The French Canada ISOCLEAN landing page will remain live at fr.certifiedlubricants.com. Visitors may need to click the 'French' text option in the upper right hand corner of the site, once there.
  • The English U.S. and Canada ISOCLEAN pages in the Chevron Lubricants site will be decommissioned.

Redirects for these pages will be activated to ensure users for Certified Lubricants and Chevron Lubricants will be directed to the new content in the Industrial website.

With such a rich repository of assets to guide customers in their buying decisions, this site can be a valuable tool to you every day. Visit often to stay on top of what’s new, and let’s help our customers in making their equipment and operations Run Better Longer.

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