oil dehydration services

removes harmful water and particulate from lube oil

Water is one of the most common contaminates in a lubrication system. The presence of water promotes foaming, sludge formation, corrosion, accelerated oxidation, and additive depletion. These effects reduce the oil's overall effectiveness and lifetime, and lead to pre-mature equipment failure.

Maintaining a high level of cleanliness and low level of moisture is an essential part of lubrication and component life. Through proper oil dehydration, our customers can protect their equipment from the harmful effects of water by removing free, emulsified and dissolved water as well as entrained air and gases from the oil.

Water has many negative effects on the overall performance of a system; however, bearing life significanlty reduced when water has contaminated a lubricant. Bearing Manufacturer SKF has shown 1/10 of a percent of water or 1000 ppm will reduce bearing life by 75%.


Turbine Oil • Paper Machine Oil • Gear Oil • Hydraulic Oil • Compressor Oil • EHC Fluid • Diesel Fuel • Waste Oil • Heavy Duty Oil and Bunker Fuel • Transformer Oil • PAO Fluid


Extends Useful Life of Lubricant • Prevents Degradation • Removes Harmful Contamination • Decreases Downtime Caused By Equipment Failure • Savings On Cost Of Replacing Lubricants

Negative Effects of Water Content

Presence of Free Bulk Water Linked to Surface Corrosion • Reduced Lubricating Characteristics • Thermo-oxidative Stability • Hydrolysis, Results in Acids and Alcohols, Leading to Increased Corrosively • Deposition Characteristics • Premature Additive Depletion and Additive Precipitation, Impacting Fluid Performance


Water Removal • Particle Remover • Entrained Air and Gas Removal • Acid Removal • Varnish Removal



Mechanical and Chemical Engineers to design proper applications to fit customers' needs
Accurate bidding process
Rapid response (capable of mobilizing within 24 hours)
Large labor pool
Detailed process and procedures
Detailed post job reports
Daily updates on job progress as well as cost


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