Industrial Fluid Management Saves Chemical Plant $250,000 Annually

"By working with IFM to solve our problems with high bearing temperatures, we were able to save $250,000 on maintenance cost and lost productivity."

The Problem

IFM was called in to investigate a problem with a chemical manufacturing client was having with a constant high bearing temperature on a CO2 compressor of 260°F which was causing the system to trip. After the investigation, IFM determined the varnish and lubrication degradation was causing a green film to form on the metal surfaces of the compressor, leading to the increased temperatures.

Old Solution

A complete rebuild and solvent cleaning of the metal surfaces of the compressor was the only method the customer knew to return the bearing temperature back to normal operating temperatures (205°F).

Total Cost
$100,000 - Compressor Rebuild
+ $30,000/day - Production Loss X 5 Days = $150,000
$250,000 Total Cost

IFM Solution

IFM used a special varnish removal filtration system which immediately dropped the bearing temperature to 205°F. While this was a much more cost effective way to treat the problem, there was still more work to be done to ensure the problem did not persist. Working with Chevron Lubricants' team of engineers at the Richmond Research and Technology Center, IFM recommended a product change from a PAO ISO 100 to a Chevron Cetus PAO 68. After months of oil analysis and monitoring system conditions, the oil and system remained in stable condition.

"By switching to an ISO 68, we decreased fluid friction resulting in lower temperatures, decreased varnish formation and improved energy efficiency, all while still protecting the equipment."

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