Barge/Marine Delivery

Over the Water Fueling Services You Can Trust

Our fuel barge offering is built around supporting South Louisiana’s oil & gas industry providing safe, accurate, and reliable delivery of fuel, water, lubricants, chemicals, and supplies to oil rigs, dredging projects, and many other remote sites in and around the inland gulf coast.

Inland service, Barge size:   628  (GRT), 628 (NRT), Length 144.0, Breadth 54.0, Depth 9.9.  Both  hold 125,000 gal of diesel and 60,000 water. 

Located along the intracoastal canal, our Houma Fuel Dock has enough dock space to support a variety of vessels, offering potable water, diesel (500,000 gallons) and gasoline (40,000 gallons ), lubricants, rags, absorbent pads, and degreasers 

Located along the Atchafalaya River, our Morgan City Dock can provide your offshore supply vessel, commercial fishing boat, or workboat with the fuel, water, lubricants, and chemicals it needs for a successful voyage.