Whether you operate a large truck stop or a small convenience store, we can service all of your retail fueling needs. We certainly understand the retail business as we have been operating our GoBears Food Marts since the 1920’s.We deliver unbranded gasoline and diesel as well as quality Chevron fuels with Techron® and have partnered with Chevron to help our customers grow their business with their imaging program.


Today’s automobiles demand high performance oils and coolants. Our products meet or exceed manufacturers specifications. We can supply automotive oils in cases, drums, and bulk into your storage equipment or ours. Examples of customers we supply are mechanic shops, tire dealers, automobile dealerships, express lubes, and do it yourselfers. We also offer a program for you to build your own express lube shop.


From small tractors and implements to harvesting equipment and processing factories, we can supply a full range of specialty hydraulic oils, engine oils, gear oils, greases, coolants, food grade lubricants and transmission oils to keep your business going strong. We’re experts in providing exactly the right products to keep your equipment in top working condition at all times.


Whether you are building a bridge, a highway, an apartment complex, or an industrial plant, we have the equipment and products to meet all of your project’s fuel and lubricant needs. Time is money in the construction industry and that’s why we’re committed to helping our construction equipment operators reduce downtime through quality lubrication practices and our keep full fuel program.


From outboard motors to large commercial offshore vessels we can supply your marine fleet with quality fuel and lubricants anywhere along the gulf coast. Whether you need us to deliver by transport tanker, bobtail truck, or barge, we have the equipment and qualified personnel to provide safe, accurate, and reliable delivery of fuel and lubricants.

Oil & Gas

 We carry natural gas engine oil as well as numerous industrial chemicals, including triethylene glycol and methanol, coolants, xylene, anti-freezes and mineral spirits.  Drilling and producing oil and natural gas is demanding on fuels and lubricants. We have the products and services to meet those demands.


Chemical plants and petroleum refineries demand an extensive list of high performance products and services. From pumps and turbines, to rolling stock, we have you covered. From our extensive line of conventional and synthetic products to qualified lubricant specialists and fluid services, we help to keep your equipment going at its optimum efficiency.

Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial manufacturers and major fabrication plants turn to us for all their specific lubricant needs. We carry a variety of electric motor greases, non-reactive lubricants and fuels and specialty synthetic lubricants for complex hydraulic systems, large turbines and gear boxes.


Commercial trucking and transportation companies rely on us for their supplies of gear oils, diesel engine oils, wheel-bearing greases, hydraulic oils and transmission oils. We're also a major supplier of diesel fuel and passenger car gasoline and motor oil products to retail outlets across the state of Louisiana and the entire Gulf South.