Maintain, Lubricate, Thrive: Gaubert’s Expert Maintenance Services

At Gaubert Oil, we understand that maintaining the peak performance of government and municipal vehicles and equipment is vital to the safety and success of the community. Our maintenance services are more than just routine checkups – they are your pathway to optimized efficiency, extended equipment lifespan, and uninterrupted productivity.


From lubricants designed to minimize friction and wear to high-quality filters that safeguard your equipment from contaminants to DEF to maintain environmental compliance, our comprehensive range of products is designed to keep your fleet operations running.

Market-Leading Products

We provide tailored services that go beyond surface-level maintenance, ensuring your machinery remains a reliable asset for years to come.


Our high-quality lubricants are formulated to reduce friction and wear, ensuring optimal machinery performance and longevity.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

Our DEF products meet stringent environmental standards, helping you achieve compliance and reduce emissions.


We provide a comprehensive selection of top-grade filters, safeguarding your machinery from contaminants and reducing costly repairs.

Markets Served


  • Oil Changes We provide on-site oil change services using high-quality lubricant products designed to enhance equipment performance and efficiency.
  • Filter Replacements Regular oil filter checks and replacements are performed to keep your machinery free from contaminants, reducing downtime and costly repairs.
  • General Repairs Gaubert can even conduct general repairs on-site, such as fuel injection cleaning, fuel tank cleaning, greasing, and transmission fluid changes, ensuring your machinery remains a reliable asset for when you need it most.

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