Gaubert Oil- Greasing The Squeaky Wheel

Gaubert Oil proudly offers an extensive range of high-performance greases designed to lubricate moving parts and protect against friction, wear, rust, and corrosion in a variety of industrial applications.


Our technically advanced greases, available in bulk with flexible storage options, ensure long-lasting protection and optimal performance for on-highway, off-highway, and in-plant machinery.

Grease Products

Our greases support your applications’ precise mechanical stability, cut, and heat capacity requirements.

  • Calcium Sulfonate Complex Grease
  • Lithium Complex Grease
  • Polyurea Grease
  • Simple Lithium Grease

In addition to our top-quality greases, Gaubert Oil provides a range of services to support your lubrication needs.

Barge/Marine Delivery


Equipment Rental and Sales

Retail Fueling

Superior Lubrication Solutions

Gaubert Oil is committed to delivering superior lubrication solutions tailored to the diverse needs of large industries. Whether you require high-performance greases for heavy machinery or specialized applications, our team is dedicated to providing efficient, cost-effective, and reliable solutions to fuel success for your operations.

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