Bringing The Fueling Station To You: Mobile Equipment Fueling Services

At Gaubert Oil, we are dialed into the ever-changing needs of our customers who heavily rely on consistent and dependable mobile equipment fueling. Our fueling services are designed to bolster your operations, encompassing a broad array of features to keep your machinery and vehicles ready to go. Whether you own a diverse fleet of trucks, handle a range of heavy machinery, or run locomotives, our dedication to delivering on-site fuel guarantees that your operations run as smoothly as possible.


With a focus on seamless operations and minimized downtime, our mobile equipment fueling services provide a strategic advantage for businesses that rely on continuous machinery and vehicle operation. From bustling highways to remote fracking sites, our on-site fueling service can be tailored to your unique requirements, allowing you to maintain optimal productivity without interruption.


Let us bring the fueling station to you and experience the convenience of on-site refueling that goes beyond the pump. Gaubert Oil’s mobile equipment fueling services ensure your operations run smoothly, keeping your vehicles, machinery, and personnel available for when you need them most.

Market-Leading Products

We understand the dynamic landscape of each of the industries we serve, and our equipment rental and sales offerings have been designed to cater to the unique demands of each market.


High-quality fuels engineered for optimal combustion and power, ensuring reliable performance in diverse applications.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

A crucial emission reduction solution that helps vehicles meet stringent environmental standards while enhancing fuel efficiency and engine performance.


Premium lubricants designed to reduce friction, enhance machinery longevity, and maintain peak operational efficiency.

Markets Served


Our mobile equipment fueling services bring a suite of capabilities to your site, ensuring your machinery is fueled and ready to conquer every challenge.

  • Truck Fleets Streamline your fleet operations with our on-site fueling for trucks, ensuring uninterrupted drive time and efficient fuel delivery.
  • Construction Equipment Elevate your construction projects with our on-site crane and construction equipment fueling to keep your operations going 24/7.
  • Marine Vessels Keep your marine vessels fueled and sea-ready whether you’re docked or at sea with our marine refueling services.
  • Frac Fueling We cater to the unique needs of hydraulic frac operations, delivering a steady supply of fuel and lubricants for your fracking equipment to the Gulf South and East Texas.
  • Locomotives Keep your rail operations en route with seamless fuel railroad fuel delivery services.
  • Generators On-site fueling of generators to ensure uninterrupted power supply during critical situations.
  • Diverse Equipment From ATVs to tractors and more, we provide fueling solutions for your entire equipment lineup, reducing downtime and optimizing productivity.

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Gaubert Oil’s mobile equipment fueling services are your answer to operational excellence on the move. Contact us today to experience fueling solutions that help your business GO Farther.