Gaubert Oil’s High-Performing Coolants & Antifreeze Solutions

Ensure optimal engine performance and longevity for your auto, aviation, and marine engines with Gaubert Oil’s range of high-quality coolants and antifreeze solutions.


Our products are meticulously formulated to maintain the ideal operating temperature, providing reliable protection against overheating and corrosion.

Engine-Specific Cooling Products

Choose from our selection of engine-specific coolants and antifreeze solutions, designed to ensure optimal temperature regulation and corrosion protection for various automotive, aviation, and marine applications.

  • Heavy-duty diesel antifreeze/coolants
  • On-highway heavy-duty antifreeze/coolants
  • Off-highway heavy-duty antifreeze/coolants
  • Passenger car antifreeze/coolants
  • Industrial machinery antifreeze/coolants

To complement our premium coolant products, we offer a suite of services aimed at optimizing your operations.

Equipment Rental and Sales

Mobile Fueling


Retail Fueling

Barge/Marine Delivery

Coolants & Antifreeze Solutions

Our full spectrum of coolant and antifreeze products are designed to keep your engines running smoothly in any condition. Whether you’re powering heavy-duty machinery or maintaining a fleet of vehicles, our reliable solutions provide the cooling performance and protection your engines need.

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