Rev Up Your C-Store’s Potential with Gaubert Oil

At Gaubert Oil, we understand that running a successful convenience store demands a seamless and reliable supply of fuels and related products. With decades of experience in the fuel and lubricant industry, we have honed our expertise to provide gas station owners with tailored solutions that fuel growth and customer satisfaction.


Whether you’re seeking high-performance fuels, top-grade lubricants, greases, coolants, degreasers, or even specialized food processing lubricants, Gaubert Oil provides the complete range you need.


Our partnerships with industry giants like Chevron, Citgo, Texaco, Phillips 66, Havoline, Castrol, and others, allow us to provide a comprehensive suite of services to support your gas station’s operations, merchandising, branding, and marketing.

Market-Leading Products

Beyond delivery, Gaubert is dedicated to helping your store grow through our retail fuel services.


From unleaded to diesel, we offer a variety of high-quality fuels to meet your customers’ diverse needs.


Our high-performance greases offer superior lubrication for vehicles, equipment, and heavy machinery.


Clean and maintain your equipment by removing contaminants and preventing rust and corrosion with our effective degreasing products.


Keep your customers’ equipment running smoothly with our top-grade lubricants that ensure optimal performance and longevity.


Keep cool and keep moving. Our coolants ensure engines maintain the right temperature with our efficient coolant solutions.

Food Processing Lubricants

Our specialized lubricants ensure safety and compliance in food-related machinery for c-stores with food products.

Markets Served


  • Quality Assurance All of our fuels and lubricants are premium-grade, meeting or exceeding industry standards and your customer’s expectations.
  • On-Time Delivery Our modern fleet of tankers, experienced drivers, and advanced logistics technology ensure timely and accurate fuel deliveries.
  • Volume Flexibility From small to large volumes, we have the fuel capacity, fleet, and experienced drivers to deliver what you need when you need it.

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Ready to Elevate Your C-Store’s Performance? Experience the success that partnering with Gaubert Oil can bring to your station. Reach out today and let us fuel your growth with our quality products and comprehensive retail fuel services.