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Supplying Fuel and Lubrication Products for Your On-Highway Trucks

As with any automotive operation, trucking and transportation companies need to keep their on-highway trucks well-lubricated to keep the wheels turning down the highway and our economy rolling. We supply a full range of engine and transmission oils, gear lubes, bearing greases and more so you can maintain your fleet’s reliability.

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Let us help you keep your fleet rolling with quality fuel and oil.

Recommended products for this industry:

  • Heavy-duty motor oils

    Synthetic, mixed fleet, and premium heavy-duty engine oils for a variety of engines in multiple viscosities. Applications for on-and off-highway available. Ask about the right product for your heavy-duty needs.

  • Gear oils

    High-quality, passenger and heavy-duty gear oils for applications including passenger vehicles, aviation, marine and heavy-duty machines. Ask our experts about the right product for your needs.

  • Coolants

    Coolants and antifreeze for a variety of automotive, heavy-duty, aviation and marine applications. Liquid bulk storage and transport available.

  • Transmission fluids

    Protect internal parts and defend against friction and high temperatures. Available for passenger vehicles, trucks, marine and heavy-duty vehicles. Inquire about the best product for your application.

  • Fifth-wheel greases

    Common lubricants designed to defend against dry 5th wheels and slider rails. Easy to use, waterproof, top-quality products available.

  • Wheel bearing greases

    Formulated for high temperatures and moisture resistance in rotating parts. Full line of greases in multiple shipment sizes for a variety of applications available.

  • DEF

    Available in bulk, drum, and cases, this urea-based solution is formulated for use in selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems to reduce NOx emissions from diesel engines.

  • ULSD clear diesel fuels

    On-road/highway diesel. The most common option for diesel engines across many industries. Marine and aviation also included.

  • Biodiesel fuels

    Safe, green, naturally-occuring fuel alternative for vehicles, aircraft and marine. Biodiesel is derived from plants and animals, made from fatty acid methyl esters (FAME.)