Gaubert Oil is a family-owned business founded more than 90 years ago. It was launched in 1926 by Nolan J. Gaubert who later turned the company's operation over to his son Kevin Gaubert. Kevin's son, Grady, was raised in the business and became president of Gaubert Oil in 2005. Grady Gaubert shares his grandfather's and father's values of providing top quality fuel and lubricant products and unmatched customer service. These values are founded in the principles of honesty, integrity and treating people fairly. Gaubert Oil strives to treat its customers, vendors and employees with the utmost respect.

It started with an idea, but turned into a dream come true.

Nolan J. Gaubert, son of a dredging engineer, was born in 1902 in Lafourche, Louisiana. He attended various public schools, Thibodaux College and is a graduate of Walden’s Business College. He began working as a clerk in a store as part-time employee when he was 15 years old. A few years later, Nolan entered the oil business. His active experience in the truck and automotive business spanned from mule and wagon days, to the standard self-serve gas stations. In 1917, Nolan began driving a mule team delivering gasoline to “service stations” for Standard Oil Company. He and Henrietta Bergeron were married in 1921, and later became proud parents to Joyce and Kevin. Nolan worked as distributor for numerous oil companies during 1917-1926. With years of experience in his pocket, Nolan plunged into business for himself in 1926.  With the depression years just beginning, it didn’t seem like an opportune time to begin a business, but the automotive industry was a wide, open field opportunity. Nolan not only survived during the oppressive time, but expanded his business past all expectancy.

Whatever special ingredient it takes to produce a man who will undertake the responsibilities, heartache and headaches of his own business certainly doesn't show in Gaubert's background, except that from the first, he was a hard worker.

By 1949, Kevin had graduated with a degree in business administration from Louisiana State University and joined his father’s business that year. Accompanied by his father’s skilled leadership, Kevin began to step in to a more important part in the management of the company, becoming both the Vice-President and General Manager, and in 1952 became the President of the entire corporation.

The drive that put Nolan Gaubert into the oil distributing business has been instilled into his son, and the father-son combination is building a stronger, more complete business each year.

Grady, Kevin’s son, become the President in 2005 – making Gaubert Oil three-generations. Headquartered in Thibodaux, Louisiana, the company now has two satellite offices in Donaldsonville, Louisiana, and Violet, Louisiana, and two bulk plants in Houma, Louisiana and Morgan City, Louisiana. Gaubert Oil continues to expand its market reach. A prominent member of the Lafourche Parish business community, Gaubert Oil supplies products and equipment across the Gulf South.

When Dad became a Firestone dealer in May of '35, he didn't know it then, but it didn't take him long to realize that it was one of the finest decisions he ever made.

Little did Nolan J. Gaubert, founder of Gaubert Oil Co., realize that when he entered the business of selling oil, gasoline and tires he had chosen products which would grow in demand to such a tremendous proportion as they are today. Naturally, he had visions of his business becoming successful, but found that the nation had fast become one the worked, transported and traveled on oil, gasoline and tires. From a one-man beginning back in 1919, the company expanded its sales and distribution services to fleet operations serving commercial, industrial and farming throughout several parishes from a huge, modern oil and gasoline plant and an ever-growing-larger tire sales and service headquarters. Gaubert Oil Co. and N.J. Gaubert Super-Service Inc., are proud to have taken part in the growth of Lafourche Parish.

And the best is yet to come...