Quality Products to Keep Your Equipment Lubricated

You need to keep your equipment running – and running smoothly – to avoid breakdowns that lead to costly downtime and interruptions in production. That’s why we stock full product lines of top-quality fuels, oils, greases, and lubrication products to meet whatever your equipment and operation needs.

We leverage our long-running partnership with Chevron to deliver the most efficient and reliable fuels, DEF and lubrication products to industries that power the Gulf South. Our tailored product line includes:

  • Conventional gasoline
  • Ethanol gasoline (E10)
  • On-road diesel
  • Off-road diesel
  • Full range of greases
  • Heavy-duty motor oils
  • Passenger car motor oils
  • Natural gas engine oils
  • Transmission and torque fluids
  • Gear lubricants
  • Marine lubricants
  • Railroad lubricants
  • Turbine oils
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Compressor oils
  • Antifreeze coolants
  • Food processing lubricants
  • White oils and petrolatums
  • Paper and forest products
  • Metalworking fluids

If you know which fuels, DEF or lubricants you need or you require a custom solution, contact us today!

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Off-Road Diesel

Used in agricultural, industrial and construction equipment, and not intended for use in vehicles on public roadways. Off-road diesel is dyed red to not confuse with clear diesel. We have several storage and on-site delivery options to meet your requirements.

On-Road Diesel

Also known as clear diesel, this fuel is legal for roadway vehicles. It is available at gas stations and in bulk. Ask our product experts about supply, transport and custom storage options for your fleet.

Ethanol Gasoline (E10)

Ethanol is a renewable fuel found in more than 98% of U.S. gasoline. E10 is a 10% ethanol gasoline with a clean burn and higher octane rating than conventional gasoline. Contact us for quantity, delivery and storage options. 

Conventional Gasoline

Finished product fuel that doesn’t apply to oxygenated or reformulated gasoline categories. Conventional gasoline includes regular unleaded gas with octane ratings of 87-90-plus.

Anti-Freeze Coolants

Keep your auto, aviation and marine engines running at optimal temperatures with our array of high-performing coolants. Various quantities and storage options available.

Compressor Oils

High quality oils for industrial and commercial applications. Standard and synthetic oils for both portable and stationary compressors available.

Hydraulic Oils

Hydraulic oils protect against stress from high-pressure/heavy-load operations. Various viscosities and package sizes available.

Turbine Oils

High-quality turbine oils to guard against corrosion and extend the life of sensitive turbine equipment. Formulated from refined base oils with anti-wear properties for a variety of industries.

Gear Lubricants

High-quality, passenger and heavy-duty gear lubricants available for passenger vehicles, aviation, marine and heavy-duty machines. Ask our experts about the right product for your needs.

Metalworking Fluids

Used to cool and lubricate metal as it’s being machined, milled, or cut. Reduces heat and friction. Various oils and synthetic fluids for use in several industrial and manufacturing applications.

Paper and Forest Products

Wide variety of chemical and lubrication products. Reliable supply, handling and storage options plus bulk delivery

White Oils and Petrolatums

White oils contain premium food-grade mineral oils for use in food processing plants. Petrolatums include petroleum-based oils used in cosmetics as a moisturizing agent.

Food Processing Lubricants

Various lubricants available for the food and beverage industry. H1 food-grade lubricants guard against incidental food contact. H2 food-grade lubricants are used on equipment and machines in a food-processing application.

Railroad Lubricants

Meets the demands of railroad diesel engine oil standards. High-quality, heavy-duty oils and railroad lubricants available in multiple quantities. 

Marine Lubricants

Environmentally-safe marine engine oils and lubricants. High-performance products to protect internal components for engines and auxiliary machinery.

Natural Gas Engine Oils

Specially formulated for gas engines. Delivers excellent performance and extended reliability. Check availability for specific engine applications.

Transmission/Torque Fluids

High-performing, lubricating fluids designed to reduce heat and friction. Promotes extended life and protects against wear. Available in multiple quantities.

Passenger Car Motor Oil

High-performing motor oils in multiple viscosities. Synthetic, premium or multigrade oils from top brands in various package and storage sizes.

Heavy-Duty Motor Oil

Synthetic, mixed fleet, and premium heavy-duty engine oils for a variety of engines in multiple viscosities. Applications for on - and off-highway available. Ask about the right product for your heavy-duty needs.


Solid and semisolid lubricants in various viscosities. Protect heavy machinery from temperature, pressure and speed. Available in bulk with multiple storage options for a variety of industries.

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