Save on Performance Monitoring of Delo® 600 ADF Diesel Engine Oils with LubeWatch®

Delo 600 ADF diesel engine oil customers will be provided LubeWatch oil analysis testing and Lubrication Performance Reviews at no charge until January 2021.

This initial promotional offering is an additional value beyond the numerous reliability performance and business benefits gained from the use of the new Delo 600 ADF diesel engine oil .Proper monitoring of in-service lubricants are a requirement for ensuring proper lubrication and achieving optimal equipment performance. The LubeWatch Lubrication Performance Reviews delivered by a Chevron Lubrication expert are a critical component for management of equipment and operational performance.

New-to-Chevron* customers receive up to $1,500 USD maximum rebate for the purchase of qualifying Chevron products!

New* Direct customers of Chevron purchasing qualifying Chevron lubrication products. New is defined as buyers who have not purchased qualifying products in 2020. This also includes existing customers who upgrade or add a qualifying product that has not been purchased in 2020.

Chevron will pay a rebate (by check payable) of up to $2.00/gallon USD or $0.50/litre USD (see chart) for every gallon/litre of qualifying product purchased during the Promotion Period. Maximum total claim amount per new customer: $1,500 USD. Minimum qualifying gallons per single invoice: 110 gallons/416 litres.