Comprehensive Services For Optimal Performance

With a legacy spanning over nine decades, Gaubert Oil has established itself as an industry-leading fuel and lubricant provider. Our company motto is “First In Service” because we take immense pride in our commitment to quality, safety, and innovation, which has earned us the trust of businesses throughout the Gulf South. We consider ourselves a cornerstone of reliability and expertise, and our services are designed to meet the diverse needs of the breadth of industries we serve, making us a preferred partner for businesses in petrochemical, construction, transportation, industrial manufacturing, and beyond.


At Gaubert Oil, we understand that every industry comes with unique challenges and requirements. This understanding has driven us to develop an extensive suite of services that cater to these specific needs. From providing top-quality products to offering tailored delivery and storage solutions, lubrication program management and consulting, equipment rental, and more, our range of services can support all of your fuel and lubricant needs.

An Overview Of Services


Barge / Marine Delivery

Our U.S. Coast Guard-certified marine delivery services guarantee timely and efficient fuel delivery to commercial vessels, ensuring smooth maritime operations even in challenging conditions.


Mobile Fueling

Offering on-site fueling solutions for a variety of equipment, from trucks to cranes and more, we ensure your operations remain uninterrupted and on schedule.


Fuel Inventory Management

Our cutting-edge inventory management solutions maximize fuel efficiency by providing real-time monitoring, reporting, and automated orders, making sure you’re never caught without fuel.


Equipment Rental and Sales

Whether it’s tanks, pumps, or containment pans, our rental and sales offerings support your operations with top-notch fuel storage equipment and more.


Maintenance Services

Expert maintenance ensures that your equipment runs smoothly and efficiently, saving you from costly downtimes and extending the lifespan of your equipment.


Emergency Response

When unforeseen events strike, Gaubert provides dependable fuel delivery, ensuring that your operations can respond to crises quickly and effectively.


Retail Fueling

We leverage our relationships with premier brands to provide quality fuel and lubricants to convenient stores and service stations across the Gulf Coast.

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Choose Gaubert Oil as your trusted partner and experience the difference our quality products, competitive pricing, excellent customer service, reputable reputation, convenience, and innovative solutions can make for your on-highway trucking operations. Contact us today to take your fleet’s performance to new heights.