Wet Hosing

Fuel Up On-Site

Wet hosing, also known as fleet fueling, direct fueling, or mobile on-site fueling, is when a fuel transport vehicle pumps directly from one tank into another. Typically, this is done with large-scale construction site equipment and farming/agricultural machinery. Wet hosing solves many of these problems. Wet hosing has been used for decades to fuel large construction vehicles which cannot be fueled at any retail or commercial fueling station.

With wet hosing, a fuel truck driver comes to your vehicle depot each day and fuels all the vehicles on site. A great benefit of this is that all the vehicles are filled at the same time, usually at night or after business operations for the day have ended. This keeps more drivers on the road because all start off fully fueled for the day.

Benefits of Wet Hosing

  • Fuel inventory control: Direct Fueling greatly reduces the possibility of theft of products.
  • Convenience: Fuel is delivered directly to the machinery in need.
  • Increased productivity: Eliminates the need to stop for fuel during work hours.
  • Environmentally conscious: Reduces insurance concerns associated with on-site fueling tanks.