Supplying Your Store with Quality Products and Services

When it comes to supplying fuels and other important products to gas stations, Gaubert Oil is your trusted partner. Our experience, expertise and resources – plus great relationships with Havoline, Castrol, Chevron and Phillips 66 among others – are at your disposal. From product delivery to merchandising, branding, and marketing, our services will help your retail fueling business grow and thrive.


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Our recommended retail fueling products include:

  • Food Processing Lubricants

    Various lubricants available for the food and beverage industry. H1 food-grade lubricants guard against incidental food contact. H2 food-grade lubricants are used on equipment and machines in a food-processing application.

  • Passenger car motor oils

    High-performing motor oils in multiple viscosities. Synthetic, premium or multigrade oils from top brands in various package and storage sizes.

  • Gear Lubricants

    High-quality, passenger and heavy-duty gear lubricants available for passenger vehicles, aviation, marine and heavy-duty machines. Ask our experts about the right product for your needs.

  • Full Range of Greases

    Solid and semisolid lubricants in various viscosities. Protect heavy machinery from temperature, pressure and speed. Available in bulk with multiple storage options for a variety of industries.

  • Coolants

    Coolants and antifreeze for a variety of automotive, heavy-duty, aviation and marine applications. Liquid bulk storage and transport available.

  • Degreasers

    Light and heavy-duty degreasers designed to remove oils, grease, and other fluid contaminants. Common in every industry with multiple applications available