what we do

Conveniently located in South Louisiana, Gaubert Oil Company is one of the Gulf South's largest suppliers of fuel, lubricants and chemicals. Gaubert Oil provides comprehensive, on-time delivery services, and a wide variety of storage, handling and lubrication related services.



Providing Quality Fuel and Lubricants Since 1926



Perfect for commercial fleets, industrial turnarounds, construction, and emergency generators, equipment refueling services provide a safe and more efficient way to refuel multiple pieces of equipment.

Works with customers to achieve a higher level of reliability through quality lubrication and contamination control. Services include High Velocity Oil Flushing, Oil Filtration, Oil Dehydration, Lube Tech Services & more.


We utilize the latest in remote tank monitoring technology to ensure your fuel never runs out, and to give you the ability to login to our site and check your inventory and consumption trends. This Program is just another way we provide safe, accurate and reliable delivery of fuel.


First In Service Since 1926

When you buy fuel, lubricants, and equipment from Gaubert Oil Company, you're paying for quality. We represent the most reliable suppliers in the industry and pride ourselves on being one of Chevron, Phillips 66, and Castrol's top suppliers in the country.


Whether you need equipment filled directly or have an on-site bulk storage tank, Gaubert Oil can handle all of your fueling needs. Our trained fuel delivery specialists have the experience and equipment needed to ensure that our customers never run out of fuel.


With over a million gallons in stock, we supply the Gulf South with quality lubricants needed to keep our customers' equipment running smoothly. We represent brands like Chevron, Castrol, Summit Industrial, Fuchs and Phillips 66.


Gaubert Oil has a large inventory of various-sized portable fuel storage tanks to meet your needs. Secondary containment solutions are also available to meet your environmental and safety requirements. No matter your need, we can fulfill it.

Lubrication Services

Turnkey Reliability

High Velocity Oil Flushing

IFM's range of oil flushing services are designed to provide your equipment with the most comprehensive and effective contaminant-control services available.

Varnish Removal & Mitigation

The professionals at IFM can test your system for varnish and work with you to create a plan to remove the thermal stressors causing the varnish build-up.

Oil Filtration

The experts at IFM work to create a comprehensive oil filtration plan that keeps your plant running at maximum efficiency.

Oil Dehydration

IFM has experienced technicians and best-in-class dehydration equipment to reliably treat your turbo-machinery lubrication systems.

Oil Sampling & Analysis

IFM has cultivated a team of oil sampling professionals to ensure proper oil sampling and analysis.

Lubrication Technicians

IFM's team of lubrication specialists can help you optimize your current lubrication system or design a new system for your upcoming project.