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Harvey Gulf

HVOF/Reservoir Cleaning/Oil Filtration | Harvey Gulf | Port Fourchon, LA After a piston pump failure on 165mT crane onboard a Multi-purpose Supply Vessel introduced ferus debris throughout the piping system and into the oil reservoir, IFM was contracted to remove the debris in the piping, filter the oil to 16/14/11, and clean the reservoir! Due…
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CF Industries

HVOF | CF Industries | Donaldsonville, LA IFM was contracted to perform a pre-commissioning flush on the lube oil and seal water systems on two Ammonia Pumps located at a large fertilizer plant in the Urea area. IFM was able to complete all four flushes achieving two consecutive one-hour verification screens and a 16/14/11 particle…
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HVOF Gas Turbine

High Velocity Oil Flush | Alumina Refinery | GE Gas Turbine IFM was contracted to perform a high velocity oil flush on a GE Frame 5 Gas Turbine at a large alumina refinery. After all jumpers and equipment were installed, standard flushing tactics including sparging, mechanical knocking on pipes, and thermocycles were utilized until clean…
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