oil filtration services

fight harmful contamination with ISOCLEAN ® services

It is estimated that 82% of equipment failure is particle induced. In fact, oil can become contaminated before it even reaches your equipment. Particulate contaminants are everywhere. As lubricants are transported, pumped, transferred and delivered, there are opportunities for contamination. Once lubricants are on-site, contamination sources can include breather vents, fill openings, oil containers, hoses and the equipment itself. Through the ISOCLEAN ® Program, Industrial Fluid Management has teamed up with Chevron Lubricants to provide Certified Clean lubricants and oil filtration services in an effort to remove these harmful contaminants and provide sustainable reliability though quality lubrication.

Controlling fluid contamination initially will save 90% of the cost to remove it later! The journey from blend plant to customer presents many opportunities for lubricants to pick up contamination . As oil is transferred it can pick up contaminants too small to see with the naked eye. Industrial Fluid Management offers lubricants that are certified to have these contaminants removed prior to deliver. 

Hydraulic Oil • Transformer Oil • Water Glycol • Turbine Oil • Diesel Fuel • Methanol • Lubrication Oil • Phosphate Ester • Gear Oil • PAO Fluid
Improved Machinery Reliability • Decreased Metal Wear • Increased Component Life • Increased Uptime • Improved Product Quality • Removes Harmful Contaminants • Increased Efficiency
Particulate Removal • Water Removal • Acid Removal • Varnish Removal